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Jeff Green

#60 Green Racing


Birthdate: June 10, 1957
Hometown: Monmouth, Illinois
Residence: Peoria, Illinois




Green Racing

Nationality: American

Languages spoken: English

Height/weight: 6’1” / 190 lbs.

Education: College graduate

Hobbies: Educating my kids, working on old race cars, supporting the military and St. Jude and driving vintage cars (including a Formula 5000 and Shelby Mustang)

Racing goal: To race in the Indianapolis 500

Racing hero: Gary Bettenhausen

My fitness routine includes: Crossfit four days a week

An interesting note about me: I have both my Airline Pilot and helicopter pilot license. 

Career results:


  • Finished second in the Radical Cup (sports car) national series


  • Won the Radical Championship at Autobahn


  • Finished first and fourth in a pair of Lemons races